Chad Ochocinco: Sex Moves Indicate 'I Should Be Fine'

Chad Ochocinco hurt his knee in the Cincinnati Bengals' loss last Sunday to the New York Jets. It came on the heels of a heavily hyped -- both via press conference and on Twitter -- matchup with Jets shutdown cornerback Darrelle Revis.

As a result of the injury, some wondered whether he would be able to play in the Bengals' playoff rematch against the Jets on Saturday. Ochocinco expects to play and he went the extra mile to convince the New York Post that he will be in playing shape.

"I had sex yesterday," he told the paper. "With some of the moves I did -- I should be fine."

It's unclear who the partner may have been, but he recently exposed his upper half in a revealing photoshoot with Nicole Alexander. The receiver, however, claims the entire episode is just a joke. He tweeted this morning, "NY Post took my joke a lil serious, Regis calling me out, only if I could get Obama to tweet me I'm set."


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