Chad Ochocinco Invites Fan, Victor Gonzalez, To Patriots vs. Broncos Playoff Game On Twitter

Keep an eye on the Twitter timeline of any high-profile athlete and you'll see one fan after another tweeting at the star asking for a retweet. For some the occasion is a birthday or a charitable cause. For others it's just because they want the attention.

At first, Victor Gonzalez was just another fan who wanted to get the attention of one of his favorite athletes on Twitter. A few tweets and one plane ticket later, Gonzalez is the envy of every sports fan.

Gonzalez is a college student in Florida who tweeted at Chad Ochocinco earlier this week to tell him that he had been tweeting at the Patriots star for two years and had yet to get a response. Ochocinco apparently got hold of the tweet, and feeling guilty, decided to make amends.

Ochocinco then informed Gonzalez that someone would contact him to set up the arrangements, and that was that. The Pats' wide receiver was among Twitter's early adopters in the sports community. Not only has he had some of his finest 140-character gems featured in "Athlete Tweets Of The Week" at HuffPost Sports and even met his wife on Twitter.

Perhaps this generous offer to a fan shouldn't come as such a surprise coming from Ochocinco. After all, he actually talked about living with a fan shortly after joining the Patriots. Any lingering doubts that he would follow through were put to rest when Gonzalez tweeted a photo Friday evening of him and Ochocino together at Foxboro.

While many believe Tim Tebow has God on his side going in the Saturday's Patriots-Broncos playoff game, it's quite possible that the Patriots will have karma on theirs courtesy of No. 85 on your scorecards but No. 1 in your timeline.