What Chadwick Boseman Can Teach Men About Getting Dressed

What Chadwick Boseman Can Teach Men About Getting Dressed

Since his big screen debut in the Jackie Robinson biopic "42," Chadwick Boseman has been on a trajectory to superstardom. He captivates audiences with his gap-toothed grin and serious acting chops (we're still in awe of how well he pulled off James Brown's dance moves and raspy voice in "Get On Up").

As Hollywood's next greatest leading man, it's no surprise that Boseman is also acing the style game. Whether appearing in the glossy pages of GQ or on the plush red carpet at movie premieres, the South Carolina native exudes confidence.

With holiday party season in full swing, we suggest sharing this article featuring Boseman's three best style lessons with the men in your life. You can thank us (and Chadwick) later.

Step up your suit game by incorporating sophisticated prints. Make sure that the overall color scheme (navy and slate blue are Boseman's go-tos) is within the same family so that you can easily mix and match stripes or gingham.

chadwick boseman

Or skip the tie for a sleek look that will impress the ladies.
Fit is key! Be sure to wear a collared shirt that is fitted to your body with a cuff length that peeks out just enough from your suit jacket.

chadwick boseman

You can never go wrong with a a tailored sports jacket.
This casual look is perfect for layering during the cold-weather months and is easy to replicate if you don't own a suit.

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