America's Favorite Restaurant Chains By Demographic

America's Favorite Restaurant Chains By Demographic

Chain restaurants are a huge force in America, and they come in every shape and size. Yesterday, Nation's Restaurant News announced their consumer picks for the top five casual dining chain restaurants in America. Some of the names on this list may surprise you (some of them definitely surprised us).

They also released some demographic statistics, giving us some idea of who eats where the most. The survey included both Casual Dining chains, as well as Limited Service chains. These groups were based on age, gender and income level. If you love to know who eats where as much as we do, check out the slideshow below.

And, if demographics make you hungry, take a look at our Chain Food Showdown, a guide to the sector's best and worst dishes.

The Cheesecake Factory

Favorite U.S. Casual Dining Chains By Demographic

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