If You Like Ebay And Jewelry, You Will Love This Website

If You Like Ebay And Jewelry, You Will Love This Website

OK, vintage lovers. We just found your new happy place.

Chairish, an online vintage decor marketplace, launched a new accessories section on its site Wednesday, much to the delight of people who love to vintage shop but could do without sifting layers upon layers of items.

To kick off the new addition, they commissioned Trina Turk -- a self-proclaimed "big vintage shopper" -- to release a collection of her picks from Chairish's new collection, as well as an assortment of vintage style pieces from her own line.


The best part? A buyer can choose to pay the asking price -- which start around $40-- or negotiate with the seller to try their luck at a better deal. Basically, if you took eBay, mixed it with your favorite flea market and high-end consignment shop and then curated the whole thing, you'd have the offerings on this awesome site.


So whether you have jewels to sell or are looking to add one (or two or three) more unique finds to your repertoire, there is something for every vintage-obsessed jewelry lover on this site. Click here to check it out for yourself.

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