Chairman Waxman Calls: George Tenet's Book Tour Will Be Under Oath!

Chairman Waxman Calls: George Tenet's Book Tour Will Be Under Oath!
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Today Congressman Henry Waxman has
asked George Tenet to testify before his
investigations committee in the House.

Now, for practical purposes, George Tenet's
promotional book tour could well end up under
oath, since whatever he says could now be
the subject of congressional investigation.

Who fixed the intelligence? Were there any
non-government emails involving pre-war Iraq
intel or other potential areas of wrongdoing?

Did any officials lie about pre-war intel or
torture before Congress? Did Tenet or Al
Gonzales participate in illegal torture programs
or draft legal opinions or executive orders on
matters that violate commonly accepted law?

While watching Tenet attack Cheney and Rice
has its entertainment value, it is obscene for
George Tenet to make a small fortune from a
book about a tragic and misbegotten war he
was so instrumental in starting.

Tenet should donate his profits from the book
to programs supporting wounded troops.

Henry Waxman should be applauded for doing
a brilliant job as Chairman and being one of the
great standout leaders in the new Congress.

I raise these and other matters in a piece I
wrote, published today, which can be read
on the pundit blog
of The Hill.

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