Challenge The Conventional Approach

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Have you ever felt that the way we perceive things is because of how it has been presented to us? We’re so used to seeing things in a conventional way, but what if we broke away from these conventions?

It’s something that struck me during my trip to Rome, and it made me consider something; opening ourselves up to change could present us with new opportunities and experiences for both ourselves and for our business.

We can all benefit from change in life, so here’s how you can challenge the conventional approach.

Take a different perspective

Take for example marble sculptures. They are on a plinth so you look up at them. They are facing you, so often you can’t see the back or the whole work. There is a rope around them so you can’t get too close.

At La Galleria Nazionale, they mix old with new and I walked into a room with a stunning Dante sculpture of Diana. It was facing the wall, and wasn’t on a plinth or with a rope around it. It was extraordinary. I had a completely different experience with it.

It kind of blew my mind actually.

Set convention aside

It made me question if there is a ‘right’ way to view or approach anything in our lives. Have I been missing out on these experiences for my whole life? What else can I look at differently?

If we were to challenge the conventional approach, what other discoveries would we make? Maybe some things I have always thought were bad aren’t really bad at all. Maybe my sense of right and wrong are just a product of what society has been telling me all these years, and not how I actually think or feel.

As humans we are plagued by our blindness. We become too familiar with our beliefs and conventions, and if anything threatens to change this we become protective and resistant. If we were to open up our minds and accept that our perception of things can be altered, we can begin to evolve and expand our horizons, and maybe even our capabilities.

Be open to change

When we dream a different reality, all its many dimensions flourish in a way so far removed from convention. We open the space toward what can be and will be more vibrant worlds to come.

So what in your life or business would benefit from flipping from front to back, or questioning the conventional approach? What would happen if you saw your life in different ways?

Our lives may not change with this shift in thinking, but we might develop a new appreciation for life. If our lives did change, however, maybe it would change for the better. Maybe all we need to do is challenge our conventions and we can see something that has been there all along.

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