Challenges Ahead

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

On his final show of the year, John Oliver raised a compelling point: this year sucked. And it did suck, in a very significant way, without question, on multiple levels.

But it also gave us the extraordinary times we're living in. Challenging times, where I suspect we'll all soon be tested in ways we couldn't have imagined, but where already we're witnessing extraordinary acts of humanity and selflessness and courage in the face of extreme prejudice and ignorance.

Some of my greatest experiences and closest friends have come from past struggles. Some we won, some we're still working on, but in every case I can see the arc bending, slowly, towards justice.

I'm thankful for everyone that's joined me along the way, and that will be there as the struggle continues in the months and years to come. And I'm thankful for the greatness that will be revealed in people rising up to meet the extraordinary challenges ahead.