Challenges are the Fertilizer for Good Character

Failures to Creating Success


I asked my mentor what does it take to be successful?
When you are not seeing any success.

What do you do when your back is against the wall? And you need £20,000 by next week to pay for your bills? What do you do when you are in a desperate situation? Where all the odds are stacked up against you?

How do you continue going forward when you start to have doubts about your success? How do you keep thinking positive in times where you are getting desperate? And when the mind starts to have doubts if it's going to work for you.

The best advice is to get up One More Time.

Here are some tips from my mentor, when he was in debt and lost all his money on Forex Trading. And had to start from the beginning and rebuild his life and family.

When you are in a disparate situation The Fight or Flight response is triggered. Which is intended to help you survive a dangerous situation by preparing you. To either run for your life or fight for your life (thus the term "fight or flight"). So get ready to stand up and fight for your life.

Establish in your mind that you are a leader of a huge organization. You have what it takes to succeed bless your family and get up one more time. Challenges are the fertilizer for good character.

Change your Life Around


Challenges in life is where you do all your growing. You have got what it takes. My mentor told me that words are very powerful such as "I believe in you." Your drive has pushed you to this point, you have what it takes. This will be part of your story.Be a great leader for your organization and team.

Be persistent, do it in the face of adversity. It's a beautify thing to watch people planting seeds and building relationships. Reach out I believe in you.

Keep sowing the seeds, what can you do for people, ask them how you can you help them. And what are they looking for, be mindful of others.

Your focus is where your energy flows, stick your neck out. Send an email to people who are dead and buried. You never know who might need your offer or business. Dig deep into your soul have a moment for yourself.

Go somewhere quite meditate ponder.


Switch something in your head I am going to do things that I have never done before. Call the customer, post your business link 100 per day. Find free places to market and advertise.

I attended a The School for Life seminar, where Arianna Huffington the CEO of the Huffington Post was a speaker. And she shared some great principles about her new book Thrive and the Third Metric.


The Thrid Metric is to add some balance into your life. Add some form of meditation into your lifestyle. A good start is when we wake up in the morning is not to start the day. By looking at your Smart Phone take one minute to breathe deeply. To say thank you for what you are grateful for.

Arianna Huffington at the School for Life Seminar


And to set your intention for the day. You can start the morning by saying: "Something great is going to happen today.... I can't wait to see what it is!"

Today it's all about The Go Giver who will succeed into today's changing world.

The Foundation of New Business caring for people. Here are some great books that can help you. Wild at heart - by John Eldridge

You can bless your children so much if you have daughters. Tell them that they are gorgeous make them feel beautiful inside. This will set their foundation, build their character and make them believe that it is so.

As when they grow up and get negativity from the outside world. They will have a strong mindset to ignore negative voices.

For boys the most important thing you can say is. "You have what it takes to do anything, I believe in you." Be on an encouraging mission.

What a blessing it is to set the state of mind for your children that anything is possible. This taps into the same principles of Think and Grow Rich and the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. Become like a father figure teach people skills, be a friend to people.

Burning your Boats

Here is a story of burning the boats. Cortés went to war and burnt his own boats. So they had no option but to win. As then they could sail back on their energies boats -- they Won.

Visualise your goals

It all starts in your head if you can start to imagine having 30,000 people in your business. Make this number sound normal to you and not a surprise. As what you imagine in your head finally happens. It always happens in your head first as what you focus on develops.

Develop a new way of thinking. So what surprised you before does not any more. This is the new way of thinking make it a dominating thought. To always align yourself with people who backup your thinking. And who push you beyond your limited thoughts.

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