Champ, Major Reportedly Sent Home To Delaware After Alleged 'Biting Incident'

One of the president's German shepherds is in the doghouse.

President Joe Biden’s two German shepherds were sent home to Wilmington, Delaware, last week after an alleged “biting incident” involving the younger dog and a member of the White House security staff, sources told CNN.

Details weren’t immediately available. It’s unclear whether the exile is permanent.

Major, who was adopted from the Delaware Humane Association, is 3 years old and the far more rambunctious of the two dogs. Champ is 13. According to CNN, Major has displayed other “agitated” behavior at the White House, including jumping, barking and “charging” at staff.

First lady Jill Biden described Champ and Major in an interview with People magazine last month as “really good dogs,” though she also noted, “They really don’t have any rules.” She said both had been well-trained.

Last month during an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the first lady said she had been working on getting the dogs settled in the White House after their move there in January. They were the first pets in the White House in four years.

Sources told CNN that the dogs were used to being at the Bidens’ Delaware home with minders while the first lady was traveling. She’s currently on the West Coast visiting military families.

The contrast in the two dogs’ temperament was clear in the holiday tweet below from Joe Biden:

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