DOTUS: The Bidens' Dogs Champ and Major Honored With Social Media Tributes

There's no whining in the White House!

Saturday’s victory is giving President-elect Joe Biden’s dogs a whole new leash on life with a fetching Instagram account.

German shepherds Champ and Major Biden have no official ties with the tribute posts launched Sunday, according to the Biden campaign, but neither pooch is whining about it.

“Hello America! Hello world! It’s us, Champ and Major. We are the Bidens’ family puppers and First Dogs Elect(s) of USA,” says the new account first_dogs_usa.

Early posts feature to-die-for photos and awful dog puns, like “pawsidential,” “pawsitive” and “pawblic.” (The pooches refer to Joe Biden as “Dad.”)

The account racked up some 55,000 Instagram followers by Monday.

No surprise, countless pets responded to introduce themselves and congratulated the whole family on the big victory.

Clarification: This article has been updated to make clear that the account is not associated with the Biden campaign or his transition team. And it’s now on Instagram, not Twitter.

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