This Champagne Explosion May Be The Cringiest 'Bachelor' Moment Ever

An argument over a bottle of Dom Perignon erupted between two contestants on Monday night's show, leaving one of them with lots of bubbly on her face.

You don’t even need to watch “The Bachelor” to appreciate the chaos (and subsequent literal explosion) that ensued during last night’s episode over a bottle of champagne.

On Monday, contestant Kelsey waxed poetic about a bottle of Dom Perignon that she brought from her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. Kelsey explained that she’d be saving the bottle for a special occasion and wanted to share it with Bachelor Peter. 

After telling her fellow contestants her plan, she heard a cork pop in the distance and believed that someone else stole her bubbly moment, confronting contestant Hannah Ann (who was responsible for the cork pop heard ’round the world) and creating what will now forever be known as #ChampagneGate.  (Editor’s note: It was not Kelsey’s bottle Hannah Ann opened.)

Peter attempted to make things right, settling in to have a glass of champagne with Kelsey after all and things went... messy. In an effort to savor the moment (???), Kelsey quipped that she’s “not a classy bitch all the time” when the duo realized they had no glasses and insisted she could drink the booze straight from the champagne bottle. 

Not sure if you’ve ever tried to do that before, but, uh, don’t. It didn’t go well for Kelsey as the bottle basically exploded in her face, resulting in a scene that yielded a whole lot of vaguely inappropriate memes and images that one cannot unsee. 

Here’s a smattering of what people were saying about #ChampagneGate and the champagne shower: