This Champagne Vending Machine Is Just What We All Want For The Holidays. Sort Of.

This May Be The Fanciest Vending Machine Of All TIme

Moët & Chandon, a luxury alcohol company, has just introduced a Champagne vending machine, for all your holiday drinking needs. "By putting its product in such an ordinary display, the brand is making itself more accessible and appealing to entry-level holiday shoppers," Luxury Daily explains.

The vending machine, located in the “Destination Christmas” section of Selfridge's department store in London, holds 200 milliliter bottles, for $29 each. Unfortunately, as Grub Street notes, "200 milliliters are barely a glass-and-a-half by restaurant standards," which may not necessarily convince those "entry-level" Champagne shoppers to choose the new vending machine over another, cheaper brand. Whether the vending machine entices a new set of customers or not, Moët & Chandon is certainly drawing attention to its brand. (Also, who wouldn't want to visit "Destination Christmas" to get a look at the thing?)

The perfect stocking filler at the press of a button #DestinationChristmas @Selfridges

— Moët & Chandon UK (@Moet_UK) November 1, 2013

Moët isn't the only beverage company to experiment with packaging and presentation to reach a wider audience. Union Wine Company from Oregon just started selling Pinot Noir in a can and Friends Beverage Group just released Friends Fun Wine In A Can. And who could forget the Sofia Mini by Coppola Winery sparkling wine in a can? Veuve Clicquot has invented a Champagne box that transforms into an ice bucket, and a wine vending machine already exists, so why not a Champagne one?

In fact, from a live crab vending machine in China to a mashed potato vending machine in Singapore, pretty much anything you could ever want at the push of a button has been loaded into vending machine form. Moët & Chandon just made this trend a little classier. Cheers to a highbrow holiday season.

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