Chance The Rapper Announces New Arts And Literature Fund For Chicago Kids

The rapper is teaming up with the Chicago Bulls who donated $1 million to the program.

Fame has yet to take this artist away from his roots.

Grammy-winning artist Chance the Rapper announced the creation of the New Chance Arts and Literature Fund, his latest philanthropic project in conjunction with the Children First Fund for Chicago public schools. Chance used Periscope to livestream his press conference with reporters.

A native of Chicago, Chance has used his platform to speak out about the issues facing the city. This new fund will be a partnership with Ingenuity, a local arts education advocacy group. He said that the program will work towards giving supplies and equipment for reading and arts programs in schools that have seen a decrease in five-year graduation rates. The funding will begin in the fall for the 2017-2018 school year.

“As an artist and an after-school teacher, I know that the arts are essential. They teach kids invaluable lessons,” Chance told reporters.

Pult up for Career Day and was invited to sit in on Ms. Jackson's class #supportCPS

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“We’re working with Ingenuity. There are literally thousands of arts programs we want to implement,” the rapper said.

Chicago public schools are a passion project for Chance. His latest announcement follows a personal $1 million donation earlier this month. That donation was announced after a meeting with Gov. Bruce Rauner, which the rapper said was disappointing in an interview with The Chicago Tribune. Chance wouldn’t comment further on it when asked during his press conference.

“This is, you know, a philanthropic effort and a charitable effort,” Chance said on Periscope. “The legal stuff, the election process, government...that’s all you guys’ choice individually. I’d like to think by constantly discussing it and you guys reporting on it, and us all becoming involved, the other sides besides philanthropic will get dealt with.”

Representatives for the Chicago Bulls announced during Chance’s press conference that they will also make a $1 million donation in support of the rapper’s efforts to rejuvenate the state’s public schools.

Chance’s campaign is encouraging other artists and corporations to join him in supporting Chicago’s youth through educational programs. His website,, opens straight to a page that calling on visitors to “Support Chicago Public Schools.”

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