Chance The Rapper Is Anything But Chill When Beyoncé Crashes His VMAs Interview

Chance is all of us.

Chance the Rapper is proof that it’s impossible to keep your cool around Beyoncé.

While the rapper was being interviewed by MTV backstage at the Video Music Awards, the one and only Queen Bey blessed him with her presence, and he just couldn’t handle it.

Chance was sending a message to Drake, telling him, “I’m also coming for your muscles,” when all of a sudden, Bey walked by, placed her head on his shoulder and smiled as she gave him a little squeeze. When Chance realized who it was, he flipped out, naturally. The 23-year-old hip-hop artist then walked over to give Beyoncé a hug, and our hearts melted. 

“This my life!” Chance excitedly said to the camera, after he took a little jaunty walk.  

Lucky for us, the whole adorable encounter was caught on camera. You can watch it above. 



MTV VMAs Red Carpet 2016