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Carolina Fontoura Alzaga Sells Chandeliers Made From Bicycle Parts On Etsy Shop 'Facaro'

09/27/2012 08:32am ET | Updated October 1, 2012

It takes true creativity and a strong imagination to transform an item into something else with a completely different function. And that's exactly what artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga does to create her "CONNECT Series" of lighting fixtures. She collects old bicycles from junkyards and dumpsters and uses the parts to create beautiful chandeliers and lamps, which she sells in her Etsy shop, "Facaro." Alzaga believes that just because something had an original function, it doesn't mean that it is useless when it is no longer being used in that way. A creative mind can think beyond that traditional purpose and ultimately do what she does: create beautiful, useful things out of trash. She also hopes that her creations will inspire dialogue about the importance of eco-friendly up-cycling. Check out the video above to learn why Alzaga's work is so important and to see some of her stunning creations.

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