Chandra Levy Murder: 'Finding Chandra' Tells Story Of The Reporters Who Cracked The Case (VIDEO)

In 2001, when 24 year-old Chandra Levy disappeared from her home in Washington, D.C., the media went into a frenzy about whether congressman Gary Condit was involved somehow, after it came out that Condit had had a relationship with Levy. Years later, Washington Post reporters Sari Horwitz and Scott Higham returned to the case and helped to uncover the real murderer, a man named Ingmar Guandique, who had been overlooked in the rush to blame Condit. Their new book, "Finding Chandra," explains the story of what Horwitz calls "the most fascinating murder mystery."

You can read an excerpt from "Finding Chandra" at the "Good Morning America" website.