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Chanel Iman Gains 15 Pounds For Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

To get runway ready, some Victoria's Secret Angels follow insanely strict diet regimens consisting mainly of liquids and egg powder (yuck).

But there are the lucky few who actually get to eat -- a lot! Chanel Iman told Modelinia that in the days and weeks leading up to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, she actually tries to gain weight.

The top model, who has gained 15 pounds in preparation for tomorrow night's big show, said, "I'm always the opposite of everything... I drink a lot of protein shakes and do a lot of weight lifting."

And before the show, when some models are consisting solely on air and the mere thought of food? "I have a big potluck at my house. All my friends bring over food and we barbecue and party it up!"

Sounds fun -- except the whole extreme-weight-manipulation, which isn't ideal whether you're losing 15 pounds or dropping 15.

We prefer to eat what we want, when we want it, thank you very much.