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Chanel Iman Dishes On Whether She Will Be The Next Tyra Banks Or Naomi Campbell

W Editors' Blog caught up with Chanel Iman pre-Paris Fashion Week to talk about what's going on in the wonderful world of the 20-year-old Victoria's Secret Angel. Here are our favorite Qs and As from the interview. For more, head over to

What do you think about everything that has been going on with John Galliano?
Well, I think that John Galliano is a genius. I've been working with him since I was young, and I admire him. I just wish for him the best.

There have been a lot of images or editorials over the last couple of years that feature all black models -- you just appeared in one called "The Black Allure" for Italian Vogue's February 2011 issue. How do you feel about these types of spreads? Do you feel like they are gimmicks or do you think they help take steps toward more inclusion in fashion?
Edward Enninful is an amazing stylist for Italian Vogue, and he called me up and he asked if I would be a part of that story. Of course I said yes. I think that anything that's going to help better the community and [allow it] to stick together and stand strong, I'm definitely going to be a part of. The story came out beautiful.

So you find them empowering?
I think that [diversity] is becoming a very very huge thing for the market. I think that it's 2011, and it's definitely time for change. And I'm just really grateful to be a leader in helping that change.

Do you see yourself as the Tyra Banks or the Naomi Campbell for the next generation?
No, I look at myself for who I am. I think those girls are good at what they do, and they have an amazing name for who they are. I'm my own person, and I want people to know me for who I am.

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