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Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Life and Then the World

At your deepest core, do you ever wonder if the way you act is actually who you want to be? It's worth considering, because the beliefs you act upon not only shape your life, but also trigger the path the world takes and the consequences humanity faces.
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According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of belief is: "a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing."

The script of our life plays out according to the habits of mind we act upon.

They rock our world because belief is the driving force of our behavior and the choices we make on a day-to-day basis.

From the day we were born our parents, culture, and environments have heavily influenced our thinking and the beliefs that have become the bedrock of our existence and how we feel as individuals.

Every time we choose to act through a habit of mind, we drill the belief further into our psyche to a point where we unconsciously think we ARE that belief. Without it, we fear that we will lose the only identity we know of ourselves and will cease to exist.

Here are examples of a fearful habit of mind:

"I'm so fat."
"My mother doesn't love me."
"I'll never accomplish anything."
"I need X to feel Y."

So, from what thoughts are you making decisions?

At your deepest core, do you ever wonder if the way you act is actually who you want to be?

It's worth considering, because the beliefs you act upon not only shape your life, but also trigger the path the world takes and the consequences humanity faces.

Take a look at some beliefs that have triggered action and affected history:

  • Columbus' belief in a new world caused a massive movement of colonization and the founding of America.

  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s belief in nonviolence influenced the course of the civil rights movement, which led to the birth of the Civil Rights Act of 1968.
  • School systems are in place because of the belief that education can expand the human mind.
  • Hitler's belief in establishing his own personal utopia led to the destruction and devastation of millions upon millions of people's lives.
  • 9/11 stemmed from a belief that a culture must prove their system as the "right" one over any other.
  • Each one of these beliefs has impacted the world in a great way.

    History stands as a reflection of the individual's habit of mind of both fearful and loving thoughts. Choices that come from fear prove that war and violence become the answer, whereas love inspires growth and expansion.

    I do believe it is easier said than done to change the way we approach our thoughts, but it's no excuse not to listen to what's possible for you.

    Somewhere along our life experience we missed a cue -- a bridge if you will -- to cross over from the conditions of our upbringing and spring into the true core of who we are and what drives us internally -- without all the societal chatter.

    The good news: The bridge is still waiting for you to cross over.

    Inherently, within each of us exists a loving, expansive, and ever-growing state. It is staring at you at this very moment as an opportunity to take ownership of your life now and choose the thoughts that serve your growth.

    It's too long that our negative and fearful thoughts that we are unworthy, inadequate or unloved have controlled us. It's time to rekindle the relationship with our true nature that may have gone astray or felt non-existent for so many years.

    If you're numbing your life by your conditioned beliefs, realize the blame lies nowhere but with yourself. This may sound harsh, but it's time for a reality check!

    I had one myself when I realized I was living like a victim of all of my experiences. One day I realized that life doesn't define me -- it's defined by how I choose to think, act, and co-create with life through my innate nature.

    It's a bit of a conundrum, because as I stated in my last blog, our society pushes us to play this game that does not reflect our core desires.

    But if you continue to play the game, you are merely scratching the surface of your highest potential.

    Spark the path to live beyond your thoughts...

    4 Tips Beyond Belief to Rekindle Your Highest Potential

    1. Take an Inventory.
    Let your mind time travel back to some of your experiences up until this point. Pay close attention to the ones that pop out to you. Reflect on how your beliefs played a role in shaping the outcome of those experiences and how they still feel within you today. Journal it and become the observer of your habits of mind.

    2. Shut Off the Chatter & Raise the Vibration
    Distractions like your iPhone and computer do not allow you to spend the time you deserve to actually get to know yourself. "But I'm ___ years old, of course I know myself!" Every moment is an opportunity to get to know YOU on a deeper level. If you knew yourself so well, there would be no room to grow and expand!

    3. Do Something "Crazy"
    When you think something is "crazy," it's because it doesn't fit into your current belief system. Jazz up your routine today by doing something you deem "crazy." Take the day off, go skydiving, book that trip you've been dying to take, or tell that special someone you love them. You'll without a doubt learn something new about yourself.

    4. Find Support
    Asking for support during your journey is key. Deciding to work with someone you feel drawn to is the bravest thing you can do because you say "yes" to becoming vulnerable and allowing someone else to guide you to your highest potential.

    It's time you give yourself the space to raise your vibration beyond the beliefs and to rediscover who you are beneath all of the beliefs that no longer serve you.

    When you take your power back your world THRIVES and no longer just survives.

    Moral of this article? Cross over the bridge.

    Stop playing small because the world needs your potential.

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