How Almost Buying An Expensive Skirt Led Jade Allan To Change Careers

Jade Allan realized she needed to reset her life just in time to save herself some cash.

"The moment I knew I had to make a change, I was actually standing in line about to hand over 200 pounds for a leather skirt to wear to an office to a job that really didn't inspire me," said Allan, who was living in London at the time. "I was about to hand over the money and I thought, 'This is crazy.'"

She realized that spending the money on a skirt she didn't need for a job she didn't like was another step in the wrong direction, so she decided to star fresh.

"I hung up the skirt, I got out of the store, and the next week I handed in my notice in the job," she said. Allan said she always wanted to do work that was more meaningful, and today she is doing just that through her website, which offers personalized consulting and workshops for a more inspired life.

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