Change Happens

Change happens. Sometimes it stares at you and you are forced to stop in your tracks and immediately and switch gears.

I have always prided myself in my quickness to change. My husband is slow to change. I've realized and seen how good things develop from both reactions. Fundamentally, we do not change too much. Our primal self basically remains very similar to those early years. Really, society is a bit similar. Many of today's popular daily tasks are quite similar to some of the gatherings of our forefathers. The neighborhood bar, the farmer's market, the theater and marketplace have existed for many ages.

As I had to dramatically switch gears about a year ago now, I am looking back and seeing myself as remaining fundamentally the same. That strikes me as a bit peculiar, as it's not like the chameleon I strongly believe I am. I had to accept that sometimes, we remain constant in the midst of those changes all around us; learning in those challenges that our core strengths and weaknesses bring strength and stamina to those challenges.

The challenges my husband faces are a bit more complex and his core is a bit more hidden. It is
beginning to appear, though, and it gives me hope. I am ready now for more change we can take on together different than last summer's whirlwind developments.

I need that hope as I contemplate my career and wonder where my quest for more success will bring me. Really, the complications have produced a simpler life. A less complex, more quality lifestyle. A slower theme to treasure the day and open the mind to accept those challenges. I can breathe better and deeper; allowing myself to develop those creative elements and strengthening myself for the journey ahead.

Thinking is easier now and I am trusting those future decisions more as we are working together and more in sync than before. It is a curious change, not knowing what lies ahead anticipating and careful, and at the same time, I have to get myself charged for the next path.

Realizing it might not happen when I want it too is the biggest hardship. So often, what we want and what we get are two different elements that transpire. I have to keep encouraged, keep energetic, keep determined and thoughtful -- keep a steady pace to not tire out is my effort. The biggest challenge yet is to keep my faith while pursuing my new path. It is an unfamiliar one, but challenging and interesting. My mind is opening to accept new opportunities and new direction. I am struggling with the acceptance of making the best of what life offers. Not what I am dreaming, but what is at hand. The fine line of what to accept and what not to accept and to push ahead tirelessly and to do better is awakening. Passions develop anew. Energy and spirit are developing more and growth is near. It has become a crucial element in my life to pursue those passions. I am gaining more confidence and courage to grow and develop into my full self. Interestingly, I see my husband grasping his new lifestyle and trying to determine his place in the world. His self‐worth is not measured in the workforce anymore.

Shattering any confidence he might of have, he wakes up differently than all of us in the workforce. He is trying new projects, getting his hands involved in his mechanical curiosity. He is keeping his mind alive and his interest piqued becoming more refreshing and helpful as we struggle onward. These next steps are unknown and unsure, financials are the mountains we must climb. Creativity, curiosity on both of our parts create the path.

It's been a year and now I see us relatively the same. Aged, more experienced and wiser our life plays on. This reality show called life does not get flicked on and off its here to stay.