Change May Be Uncomfortable but It's Necessary

For several years I worked as an anchor and reporter for a network affiliate. I actually didn't start out that way. I started as a general assignment reporter and then had my own feature series. I eventually worked my way to anchoring. With each year, I felt I was building a rapport with the viewers and with the community. I wasn't just a news anchor I was part of the city. I was having fun and connecting with people -- which for me was the best part of the gig.

I love reading and learning new things. One day I sat and watched TD Jakes give a sermon on income and wealth. He said the average millionaire has something like seven sources of income. In my position, I only had one. As time went on, I felt stuck, knowing that I wanted more. I had a plan to branch out into more areas of television than just news, and into radio, motivational speaking, print and social media. I couldn't do any of that in current position. I also felt a pull to write a book based on my life experiences. I strongly believe we go through things in life to be an example to people. Though I felt the pull to do all of these things, I was stifled by my current position. Perhaps I had gotten comfortable, until it was time to move on... and not by my choice.

My boss called me early in 2014 and said that management was making a change. I was no longer going to anchor the weekend morning show; I would return to reporting from the field.

I was frustrated, embarrassed and a little angry. With several months left on my contract, I reported from the field, every day having to smile as viewers asked me what happened. I eventually left the station when my time was up. I was free. Now, it was time to really put my plan into action. You learn so much about yourself when things don't go the way you've planned. I started reaching out to television and radio stations, publishers, modeling agents and casting agents. Each email or call lead me to another contact. I am never afraid to hear no; That's the worst someone can say. NO really means next opportunity. Day by day I feel stronger, more empowered and more aware of my talents and abilities. Great things are happening.

As I continue on my journey. I have had a chance to explore the other sources of revenue I always dreamed of. They include writing, motivational speaking, voiceovers and plus modeling to name a few. None of these opportunities would have come about if I stayed in my past position.

My former position is now a distant memory. Looking back, I know it was for the best!

The comfy route would have been to stay there and work my way to main anchor. But when you're created for more, the comfy route isn't an option. I'd be lying if I said change feels good: It doesn't always, but it will eventually.

Some of you may be in the same situation. It's important to understand that you didn't do anything wrong. We all are created for a purpose. No matter how hard we may try to fit a mold, it simply will not work if it's not part of your purpose. It could have just been a stepping stone to your purpose. Remember that when a relationship doesn't work, or when a career path seems to be going astray. Remind yourself of your true dreams and desires. Ask yourself if your current situation will really help you get there, most times, the answer is no. So, let go and welcome change.

No matter what situation is changing, don't get discouraged! It's uncomfortable, but great things never come from comfort zones. Embrace and welcome change. Consider it a blessing you needed but couldn't make happen on your own.