7 Ways to Change the World Using Media, Old and New

7 Ways to Change the World Using Media, Old and New
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We've sailed over New Year's, and through the most depressing day of the year a week later. Now is the time to make good on your New Year's resolutions of doing better things for your soul -- and the planet.

I am going to help you out here a little bit, with 7 ways you can use media to change the world.

These ideas all work really well if you have something to say: A beef to make, a whistle to blow, or a project to celebrate. If you don't have your very own cause, operate like a journalist and toot the horn of others.

1. Start a blog.
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Or Tumblr. Tell your story in 500 words or fewer, but tell it today.

2. Join a film school workshop.
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Look around online. Consider that the New York Film Academy has some hot new offerings. In as little as two weeks, that eco-auteur in you can burst to life. Plus a film workshop is a really great excuse to take a holiday in New York, with purpose.

3. Open a Pinterest account.
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This is a great way to organize visual ideas, and to share them. If you are a person of little words, Pinterest may be your platform for the next revolution.

4. Write an op-ed.
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Print media is not dead. In fact there is a certain demographic of people (sometimes sophisticated enough to call themselves Luddites) who do not read newspapers online; they do not use Facebook accounts and have no idea what Twitter or Tumblr is. Don't convince them to check their email. Every time I write an old-fashioned print article, I am tickled but how many hand-written letters, phone calls and personal responses I get from folks who are not communicating digitally. I wrote an article in 2010 about how to start your own chicken coop and was still getting calls over that clipping a few months ago.

5. Consider e-books.
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If you have a manifesto that you've been writing still stuck in the 17th round of edits, now may be the time to self-publish.

6. Want ads.
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If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain... that's right, find your eco-partner in crime through good old-fashioned want ads online, or in print.

7. Try Prezi. I joined a Google Hackathon a couple of months ago to help "hack" eco-solutions for the developing world. I discovered a sweet little tool called Prezi, which not only makes your business or school presentations come to life hours sooner than PowerPoints, you can tell "almost" animated stories of non-profit organizations using "Prezis" and share them around your social networks.

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