Change This One Thought and Lose Weight

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Your thoughts shape your body.

Might sound weird, but it's true. You see, everything you do starts in the mind. So, when you emotionally eat, you had the thought to pull the bag of chips out of the pantry first, before you went and did it. When you felt angry at your spouse and dove into the tub of ice cream, you thought about the ice cream then went to the kitchen and the numbing out began.

Your mind is incredibly powerful and learning to use it properly will help you lose weight twice as fast... if not faster.

One of the things to become acutely aware of is what is the story you are telling yourself in your mind about weight loss? Do you think that it's hard, always a struggle, never works for you? If you answered yes, then we need to turn these thoughts around or it WILL always be a struggle. There is no other way, for your thoughts and beliefs will always be creating your reality.

It's the art of telling a different story about weight loss and being healthy, so that what you're telling yourself inside is something that gets you really excited and happy about your life, THEN your situation can start to change!

I mapped out three easy steps for you to start this process immediately, but remember... you didn't come up with these beliefs overnight. You've been reiterating them to yourself for decades, so be patient with yourself as you shift them.

3 Steps To Make Your Thoughts Accelerate Your Weight Loss:

  • Become Aware: The first thing that has to be done is you have to actually realize what you're telling yourself. You have had these same thoughts so long, and have probably been conditioned to believe them since you were a child, so you may not even realize how negative they are! Becoming aware of what you really think about yourself, your weight, your body, and your weight loss journey is crucial so we can turn around the parts that need to be recreated.
  • Tell A Different Story: I love this step, it's so fun. I don't want you to limit yourself here! Really allow yourself to get clear on exactly what you want. Do you want to lose 20 lbs? 100 lbs? What's reasonable for your body type? Do you want to start to love eating healthy foods? Or maybe you want to start exercising because you enjoy it and not doing it daily makes you feel as if something is missing? Write out exactly what you want with your health and start to tell this NEW story to yourself and allow yourself to FEEL the excitement that it's on its way, right around the corner, ready for you to attain.
  • Be CONSISTENT: So, telling yourself that new story may feel really weird at first because it's not here yet... do it anyways. If you don't, you will fall back into the old way of thinking about your situation. Being consistent and EXCITED about what's to come will lead you to take different actions, make different decisions with your food, and the universe will support you.

One of the biggest things to remember here is that the Law of Attraction is one of the greatest laws in the entire Universe and it is ALWAYS TURNED ON! It's never turned off, so if you're constantly having a conversation with yourself or others that you are fat, can't lose weight, weight loss is so hard, well guess what... it will be!

If you change the stories you are telling yourself and you get excited about your NEW story and FEEL (this is key) how it will be when you are lighter and happier... there's NO WAY the Universe will not match the thoughts you're now believing.

Even if it feels hard or weird because these results haven't happened yet for you, DO IT ANYWAYS! Keep telling yourself the new story so that it can sink down into you on a cellular level and become a part of who you are.

You will be surprised how quickly you will start to notice changes, IF you are consistent with your new story.

I've read a ton about this, I've applied it, my clients apply it, and it WORKS. You can do it too!

Keep me in the loop and let me know how it goes, okay?

All my love,

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