Change Your Identity: 3 Takeaways from a Podcast I Recently Joined

Change Your Identity: 3 Takeaways from a Podcast I Recently Joined
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I was recently on a podcast with Tom Alaimo and Ryan Warner – co-hosts of TR Talk Podcast.

The aim of the podcast is to help millennials learn how to make an impact in today’s world by learning from individuals who have achieved success in life. Making an impact could be getting better at your current craft. Or, it could mean leaving your current identity that the world has shaped for you and starting a new life, one where your day is focused on your true passion or calling.

I was drawn to do the podcast for a couple of reasons.

  • They prospected me relentlessly. In all fairness, they were very persistent in asking me to join their show – a skill they’ve honed from years of selling software.
  • The mission statement. Millennials often times feel trapped working at a less then fulfilling role and likely don’t get to experience peak state or flow state – which is when we do our best work. Tom and Ryan are on a mission to raise awareness and inspire change with their network and I wanted to help the cause. If one or two of their listeners are able to make a positive impact in the world by listening to their podcast, then the episode was a success.
  • It’s a grassroots effort. Both Tom (TechTarget) and Ryan (Salesforce) work full-time day jobs and run the podcast on the side. They have a passion for podcasting and learning what makes people successful so that they can parlay that information back to their audience. These guys are super hungry and it shows in their ability to land quality guests such as Bill Cartwright (airing 12.21), Michael Gervais (episode 17), Cy Wakeman (episode 13), Jordan Belfort (airing on 12.12 and 12.14) and James Altucher (airing on 12.6).
  • They are close to getting to the point of no return. This is the big step that every entrepreneur experiences in order to make the leap from a wannabe to an actual entrepreneur. Ryan and Tom are not there yet but are positioning themselves to hit that point of no return and grow the podcast.

The conversation was a lot of fun and we dove into a few topics near and dear to my heart so I felt compelled to share 3 takeaways from our podcast. To listen to the full episode, click here.

#1 - Wannabe Entrepreneurs v. Actual Entrepreneurs

I’ve spent my undergraduate and postgraduate work studying the psychological differences between wannabe entrepreneurs v. actual entrepreneurs.

I’ve interviewed folks who claimed they want to be entrepreneurs and those who actually own a firm (the entrepreneurs). One of the biggest takeaways is a concept known as the point of no return. I’ve wrote about the topic before, and what’s fascinating is that almost every actual entrepreneur has had a, or several points of no return experiences.

What is a point of no return? I’ve defined this concept as a pivotal moment when a person changes how they see themselves and the world. The moment can be propelled by external circumstances but more commonly it’s the result of an internal mindset change that one never looks back from.

Bottom line – it’s a leap often times accompanied by a large financial investment.

We dove into this topic around 5:50 of the conversation.

#2 - Shatter Your Subconscious and Create a New Identity

During the interview we dive into how sunk cost bias and escalation of commitment can be applied in a positive way for folks setting off on their path to destiny, to ultimately change their identity. Here is how it works.

People who want to change their identity can do so by investing in something - this often times creates the point of no return. The investment needs to be large enough to warrant action. Once you invest, you become hyper-committed and develop a deep, unrelenting belief that you will make it. Once you become committed your identity stats to change.

You literally become a new person because you've shattered your subconscious beliefs and limits of what you previously believed was possible.

One example from my post-graduate work really paints the picture of what we're talking about here. A 16-year-old entrepreneur I interviewed invested $10k in a shipment of shoes. Once the truck dropped off the shoes he realized he couldn’t go back, he was invested. He had reached the point of no return. In turn, his role shifted as he realized that he was now a leader of something and he saw himself differently. His identity changed.

You too can change your identity and become the person you want to be. It all starts with action and it starts now.

We talked about how to create a new identity at 8:00 of the podcast.

#3 - Using Journaling to Visualize

Okay, so let's say you know you aren't happy in your current role, or maybe you are happy but you know you aren't achieving a peak state or flow state on a daily basis.

How then do you know what you want? The answer is journaling.

I journal every day. I get vulnerable in my journal - if you can't get vulnerable here, how will you get vulnerable in published articles or blogs? Some days I write the four to five tasks I want to accomplish that day. Other times I journal super big picture - detailing what I want in 5 years or even 10 years.

Journaling is how you get to know what you want in life. Once you've done this, understand what a point of no return leap looks like, and then change your identity to become the new person. The person you want to be. The person you could be if your life were a movie.

We talk about journaling at 21:50 of the conversation.

Check these guys out and let me know any feedback from our podcast. If you want to support what Tom and Ryan are doing, have a listen to their episodes and share any feedback. Contact: Ryan Warner (@Ryan_N_Warner), Tom Alaimo (@TomAlaimo_TTGT), and TR Talk Podcast.

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