The life on Earth is a constant dance between light and darkness, a perfect balance of in-breath and out-breath. We cannot hold our breath in for too long, nor can we keep pushing the air out all the time.

Sometimes, the Sun shines bright for hours, and we forget that the night will come, that clouds will cover the blue sky. Yet, we need the rain to sustain life. At other times, the long, moonless night will linger and linger. Will the Sun ever rise again? Will its rays ever penetrate through the heavy grey clouds? Yes, the sky will cry its tears again, and cleanse the thick humid air. Oh, I love the vibrancy of colors after a refreshing downpour.

Human tears are the rain out of the dark clouds of the Soul. When going through difficult times, the sooner we cry, the sooner our Highest Self will be nourishing us again with its Light from the deepest cosmic source. But the adversary forces have to first gather the clouds, laden with tears, around the Soul. And this can take a while. The more we resist the oppressive weight of darkness, the longer the process. We need to surrender to its heaviness, and the discomfort it brings. Breathe in, breathe out, and the tears will come, cleansing the air around you, transforming suffering into a new-found joy.

We cannot appreciate the lightness of the Soul unless we experience the heaviness of the Soul. And yes, the flow of Life will keep bringing new surges of brightness and darkness. The only thing we can count on is change. Always. Let's welcome it into our lives.


Be grateful for the process that allows you to know yourself better. I was surprised when someone recently expressed dismay at the never-ending quest of self-inquiry. What's the point of following the maxim "know thyself" anyway?

The phrase "know thyself" comes from the ancient Greece. It was inscribed above the temple at Delphi, and Plato used it in his texts. We are on a continuous journey of becoming more conscious of who we are. The books and the workshops and alike are tools to help us on the pilgrimage, but we don't necessarily need them. Ultimately, we are our own best and only teachers. If we don't inquire within, however, then we become puppets, reacting unconsciously to whatever comes to us.

We are all different and no one is perfect. What works for you, may not work for me. What works for me, may not work for you. We share our experiences and insights to support, inspire, encourage, learn from each other.

Be patient and continue on your journey. Know thyself and each other better, not just with your mind, but with your heart and your whole body.

The change is in the air. We feel the urge to move forward in September. Hold your horses though: we are in the midst of Mercury retrograde right now. Catch up with overdue tasks. Harvest the fruits of your labor so far. Review your plans of action. Take time this week, and the beginning of the next to re-organize and re-structure your routine. Slow down to re-charge your forces. Get the grounds ready to be able to step in confidence into the balanced Autumn after September 21 when the messenger planet moves forward.

Ask the Archangel Michael to purge all fears, insecurities, darkness, negativity from within you, and to cleanse the energy field around you. Yes, the tears may rise up. The process of clearing away old debris can be messy and uncomfortable, but the rewards are worth the trouble. Turning away from the emotional and physical clutter backfires sooner or later. So do as much as you can over the next ten days. Gently, of course. Be compassionate towards yourself and others.

Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:
How do you welcome and embrace change in your life?

This article first appeared on the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration website.