Changemaker Challenge: Give Someone an Opportunity

Changemaker Challenge: Give Someone an Opportunity
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This week I’ve been reflecting on the quote “talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not.”

I’ve found this to be true both at a global/societal level as a social entrepreneur as well as an organizational level as a leader. How much untapped potential and ability is there in the world simply because someone has not (yet) been given a chance to shine? One of the consistent themes throughout my career is that when I place my trust in someone and give them a chance to step up, the results far exceed my expectations. And that single opportunity can often be a catalyst for many more opportunities.

My challenge to you is simply this: in the next 3 days, consciously give someone an opportunity. Regardless of where you are professionally, financially, geographically or socially, there is always a way to provide someone else an opportunity. This could be many things, for instance:

  • Asking a direct report to take the lead on a big project instead of doing it yourself.
  • Taking a back seat in a presentation to the CEO so that your more reticent colleague can get the spotlight.
  • Committing to mentoring someone for the next three months
  • Introducing an unemployed friend to 5 contacts to help jumpstart their job search
  • Making a loan on Kiva to help an entrepreneur launch her business

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