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Changing Game Addiction In Children

Changing the game addict into learning addict in children

The improvement of technology ( gadgets ) sometimes makes parents anxious about their learning development. Many of their children don’t like studying or even hate it, so they turn to games particularly computer games. Those becomes problems for most parents . In some countries this games addict has been categorized as dangerous addict and needs special treatment. There are many negative effects and disadvantages such as the lack of study, less concentrate with the school subjects, depression, and social relationship also many more. The following are some tips that might help how to change the game addict into the learning addict.

1. Limit the gadget

Parents should think more when they want to give their children a gadget. The negative impact of the gadget to young children is serious. When parents able to limit the gadget, it will be easier for parents to control their kids.

2. Parents accompaniment

Parents allow their children to use the gadget with supervision. So parents would be able to know about their kids’ games.

3. Parents selection

When kids playing games, it would be better, if the parents select the games for them. The game also can be arranged as educational game and entertaining game. For example : children can play entertaining game after they have practice their school lesson.

4. Competition

There are many educational games out there. Children may received if a reward when they can win any of the educational games.