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Changing Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life

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The other day my 5-year-old-son was washing his hands, a habit he has gotten into almost obsessively. I felt the need, not sure why, to explain to a friend nearby why he was washing his hands after doing nothing "dirty or germ-filled." I told her that two years ago he had salmonella. Even at 3 my son, and myself, remember this time very clearly and all the pain and worry that came with it. It left my son with a fear I would rather him not have, but at the same time appreciate because I hold the same fears. We don't know exactly where he obtained the horrible bacteria but because of it my son has taken to being a very diligent hand washer.

My friend seemed surprised by the announcement of my son's past illness. Then it started... my telling her the horrible details of my two weeks of hell. I broke down all the details... the fear of not knowing what was wrong with him, the sleepless nights, all of it. I relived the moment complete with the anxiety that went with it. I felt my heart beat faster. I felt my blood run cold. I felt emotionally spent just after re-telling the story.

That is when it dawned on me: My thoughts were able to bring me the physical and emotional strain that the actual experience did. My thoughts are powerful. They have the ability to bring feelings of anxiety, stress and pain. I brought on these deafening feelings all on my own, through my thoughts.

Why would I choose to do this? Yes, I made the choice.

I took this newly realized knowledge and I went with it.

If my thoughts of past experiences can bring on pain and suffering, so to can they bring on joy and happiness.

Ammunition is what I know hold. I can control my life through my thoughts. I can choose to see and experience whatever I want through the thoughts I allow to enter my consciousness.

The truth is we all can. It is very simple and worth exploring. Here are five easy steps to learn how to let your thoughts become a good reality.

1.) Become conscious of your thoughts. The first step is just to start noticing what thoughts come into your mind and how they make you feel. Don't analyze or try to change them just yet. Just start noticing how your thoughts affect how you feel: happy or sad, if your blood pressure changes, how your feelings toward a person or event can be affected? Let this stew for a while. You will be amazed how just noticing your thoughts will lead you in the direction of allowing your thoughts to change toward the positive.

2.) Stop before you think. Now that you are aware of your thoughts, instead of just letting them brew without stirring, stop them and consider what thoughts you are allowing to enter your consciousness. For example, You're walking down the street and see an acquaintance. Your thoughts are ready to jump to the time said acquaintance alluded to the fact that you (fill in the blank). Instead of replaying the story in your mind, through your thoughts, stop them. Don't let them boil out of control. Stop and move past the thought. Let it go.

3.) Turn off the movie in your mind. You know that movie that plays and plays, changes scenes and plays some more. Our mind is a never-ending movie reel. Our thoughts can create scenarios and villains where none exist. You may notice at times of stillness, waking up in the middle of the night perhaps, and your thoughts go without control. Turn off the projector and stop the stories from even starting.

4.) Fill your mind with the gift of controlled and conscious thought. If you can experience, pain, anxiety and anger through your thoughts, you can conversely experience joy, happiness and love through your thoughts. If you are the director of your thoughts, choose to direct a love story, a comedy, an inspiring drama. Let your thoughts be filled with the adjectives of the positive.

5.) Your thoughts not only create your reality, they also influence the reality of those around you. Let the currents that flow through you be those of positivity and love. Choose thoughts that reflect that which you want to see and experience in the world. Be the reflection of your dream life and watch it manifest before your very eyes.

Your thoughts create your reality.

You control your thoughts.

Take it upon yourself to control your reality.