Channeling Your Inner Beyoncé: How to Find Yourself Through Music

Channeling Your Inner Beyoncé: How to Find Yourself Through Music
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Forget Beyonce, Madonna, Whitney or even the infamous Janet. This is your moment to shine.

Imagine you've been invited to sing at the Super Bowl halftime show. You, on stage, before the world. The sun warms a slight chill in the air. You're feeling strong, powerful, fresh, and present. At this moment, you get to pick your song and tell the band what to play.

What would you choose to sing? And what would your song say about you?

In my work as a life advisor, I meet with women from all walks of life--everyone from glamorous movie stars to single moms living in the ghetto. What strikes me most about women is that on a very basic level we're all the same. Whether we live in London or Los Angeles, Bangkok or India, we have a basic human need - love - it is also a very primal need.

This need for love is at the core of every woman's beating heart. And lust, desire, grief, pain, and joy accompany us on the journey.

Although the roles we play day in and day out may dominate our lives, a deep longing for love exists within us. When we don't feel this love and we allow this longing to take precedence, we feel uneasy, discontent, and restless. We assuage these uncomfortable feelings with one distraction or another and with false or negative thoughts about ourselves and others. We create drama. We create a false image of ourselves, inside and out.

We women express this universal need through a special signature -- what I like to call our song.

Our song is one of the most beautiful or most tragic melodies we'll ever hear. Regardless, if it's a true expression of what we're feeling, it's the most beautiful song you'll ever hear.

Whatever tune we're "singing" at any given time is the undercurrent of our lives, a beat we move to throughout our day.

We all have a song. Our special signature. And when we express this from an authentic place, we're at our supreme best.

Not all our songs are sweet and zippy. Far from it.

It doesn't really matter what your song is. The important part is that it's your song and that it is talking to you. It tells you what you want and what you are afraid of. It relays specific information about you: where you come from, how you relate, what you want, and who you are afraid of. These are our unsung songs.

Let's go back to our Super Bowl stage. Take a breath and just relax. Clear your mind, and get a sense of what you're feeling. It's time to express.

Sing out loud whatever comes up for you. Maybe you feel "I hate my life." "I hate my job." "I wanna lose 20 pounds." "When am I going to find love?"

Now try saying the same words with feeling. Does it still feel right? Does it come out on key, or does it feel flat and out of key? You may be surprised at the disconnect between what you say and what's stirring deep down.

If you're feeling so lonesome you could cry, you might find yourself breaking into an old Hank Williams chorus. Trust it and sing! It's your pain -- your feelings. Express them.

Many of us put up a false bravado. We go to work or home to our partner or kids and paint a smile on our faces to let everyone know how happy we are. Or we're convincing ourselves of the same.

When what we're thinking doesn't jive with what we're feeling, we're disconnected from our song. Singing that song--whether it's the blues, a joyful gospel, or a full-blown symphony orchestra--puts us in touch with our authentic selves. And being our authentic self requires that we feel everything we're feeling, whether we want those feelings or not.

Talk out loud for a minute or so, and make sure to record it. Or just write out a few key words that stand out. Are your words empowering you? Are they cutting, or full of bull? It's a sure way to find out what you're feeling and strip out the junk. Do this until something you say resonates with you.

Music is the language of the soul. Sing it, feel it, own it.

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