Channing Crowder Says He Peed Himself Every Game With Dolphins (VIDEO)

Former NFL linebacker Channing Crowder played with the Miami Dolphins for six seasons. He played in 82 games throughout his career. At one point during all 82 games, the former Dolphins linebacker says he peed on himself.

"I never went to the bathroom in the toilet. Every game I peed myself. Six years straight I peed down my leg," Crowder said on NFL Films Presents. "I would just be in the huddle and just... pee. Nobody in the stands would know unless you look down like, 'that's not water man.' My teammates didn't enjoy it as much as I did."

Crowder make the confession during a segment called, "NFL Films Presents: Hidden talents."

Crowder's Confession Starts At 4-Minute Mark

The 29-year-old hasn't played in an NFL game since the 2010 season and wanted to make a comeback in 2012 with the Atlanta Falcons. But a deal was never made.

Maybe teams heard about Crowder's in-game habits.



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