Channing Tatum And LL Cool J Are Harvard Business School's Newest Students

"You're never too cool to learn!"

He stole our hearts playing characters with the perfect amount of sensitivity and masculinity in "Dear John" and "The Vow." We couldn't take our eyes off him and those abs in the "Magic Mike" movies, and he was elevated to god status when we witnessed his undying adoration for his wife and daughter. 

But it seems Channing Tatum wants to test our weak hearts to see how much they can take, because the hunk is now an Ivy-league scholar. 

Harvard Business School announced via Facebook yesterday that Tatum, along with LL Cool J, Pau Gasol and Chris Paul, is enrolled in a Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports class taught by Professor Anita Elberse. 

The actor facilitated a discussion about the impact of dance moves and Hollywood, and took some advice from his colleagues who "shared ideas to help him innovate in the film industry," according to Facebook. 

LL Cool J tweeted a picture of himself eagerly participating in the class with the caption, "I'm taking classes at the Harvard business school. You're never too cool to learn!"

Summer school has never seemed so appealing. 



Channing Tatum