Channing Tatum And Arie Luyendyk Jr. Have A Day At The Races

Just a couple of bachelors gearing up for fun at the Indy Grand Prix of Alabama.

A soon-to-be celebrity bachelor and a much-despised reality TV bachelor revved up the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama on Sunday.

Alabama-born actor Channing Tatum was reportedly making his first public appearance since announcing his split from Jenna Dewan, his wife of eight years.

Apparently Tatum enjoyed life in the fast lane, hanging out with now-engaged “The Bachelor” star Arie Luyendyk Jr. 

They both said hello on Twitter to Luyendyk’s fiancee, Lauren Burnham, whom Luyendyk finally chose amid controversy. Luyendyk split with his original final pick on the ABC show, Becca Kufrin, after he proposed in order to pursue Burnham.

The two lads posted mini-galleries of their day at the races, as well. “Such a great dude,” Luyendyk said of the “Magic Mike” star.

Tatum thanked Luyendyk for a “crazy fast couple laps in the rain.”

Tatum served as grand marshal for the race, which was actually postponed after 22 laps due to the weather. The race will resume at noon on Monday.

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Channing Tatum