Channing Tatum Tortured Co-Stars With Farts On '21 Jump Street' Set

A whole new side of Channing.
There's a reason Jonah Hill (R) looks wary in this photo.
There's a reason Jonah Hill (R) looks wary in this photo.

In the latest installment of People's #FBF series, "New Girl" star Jake Johnson revealed a little-known secret about one of America's favorite leading men.

Johnson had a bit part as the high school principal in the Channing Tatum-Jonah Hill vehicle "21 Jump Street." It turns out that the duo's onscreen teenage personas inspired some offscreen adolescent foolery.

"Channing kept ripping the grossest farts I have ever smelled and dying laughing and cupping them and throwing them at Jonah and myself," Johnson recalled. 

Johnson looked to Jonah Hill to save him from Tatum's gas attacks, but Hill told him that "[Channing's] been doing this most of the shoot."

Tatum has garnered a reputation for being a jokester in both his professional and personal life. 

He recently "terrified" children at his daughter's Halloween carnival when he dressed up as a worse-for-wear Winnie the Pooh. Hopefully, Tatum spared attendees from experiencing the smelliest he had to offer.  

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