Channing Tatum Is Unrecognizable In The New ‘Hateful Eight’ Trailer

At least, we think so ...

When it comes to Channing Tatum, the Internet knows how to step up.

After "The Hateful Eight" teaser trailer came out, everyone was miffed that we couldn't catch a glimpse of Tatum in the film, but now that a new trailer has come out, the mystery has been solved. 

Ladies and gentlemen, here's your first look at Tatum in "The Hateful Eight."

Tatum appears in a quick shot around the 1:30 mark. With the scarf in front of his face, you can't be 100 percent sure it's him, but we scanned one of those leaked copies of the script going around online. In those scripts, the character Tatum is playing -- according to IMDb -- is described as "dressed all in black" with a scarf in front of his face. He's also seen with three other men. Those characters are played by Demian BichirMichael Madsen and Tim Roth, who also appear to be in the scene. 

If this is, in fact, Tatum, it's not actually our first look at him. Business Insider points out that some Tweeters caught it early on, since the scene is also in the teaser trailer. It's better hidden there, though. Tatum is reportedly not one of the characters considered part of the "hateful eight." But, the text before the scene reads, "Eight Strangers," so one naturally assumes the characters in the scene are part of those eight strangers.

Is this actually TatumAfter the much publicized leaking, Tarantino reportedly changed parts of the script, so it's possible the scene featuring Tatum's character was also altered. We'll most likely have to wait for the movie's release to be completely positive. Though, if a new trailer comes out with that character doing some sort of sexy pop-and-lock routine, we're going to call this confirmed.

"The Hateful Eight" comes out Christmas Day.

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