Channing Tatum Is Playing Gambit After All

Crisis averted!
Credit: Don Arnold/Getty Images

"Gambit" is still in the cards for Channing Tatum.

Despite reports that the actor may drop out of Fox's upcoming "X-Men" spinoff, The Hollywood Reporter says Tatum has closed a deal for the role. News that Tatum may not play the card-wielding mutant broke after contract negotiations reportedly hit a snag. Tatum's level of involvement in the "X-Men" franchise was one of the major points being discussed. But it looks like the impasse wasn't as bad as previously thought since everything has finally been worked out. Back-and-forth with top stars is "normal" for negotiations, THR reports.

Before the controversy, Tatum was actively promoting his role in the film, showing up at Comic-Con and even sending out amazing pictures like these:

And it's clear "X-Men" creator Stan Lee likes having him around:

Now that he's definitely on board, we can probably expect more awesomeness to come.

"Gambit" is set to hit theaters in 2016.


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Channing Tatum

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