Channing Tatum Is A 1950s Singing Sailor In 'Hail Caesar' Sneak Peek

We've dreamed this before ...

All hail Joel and Ethan Cohen for casting Channing Tatum in a movie requiring him to sing and wear a tight sailor suit. We thank you. 

In two sneak peeks from the upcoming "Hail Caesar," in which Tatum plays 1950s movie-musical star Burt Gurney, "The Hateful Eight" actor taps, twirls and belts his way through two numbers like a Broadway pro. 

He's been stepping up since 2006, giving us two "Magic Mike" movies, lip syncing in Beyonce drag and now singing show tunes?! Kudos to Jenna Dewan Tatum for locking that s**t down.

If these scenes are any indication, we give "Hail Caesar" a HAIL yes.

"Hail, Caesar!" hits theaters Feb. 5.

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