Channing Tatum Is About To Become The Merman Of Your Dreams In 'Splash' Remake

Is this just another excuse to have a shirtless Tatum on screen? You decide.

Much to our chagrin, the latest film to get the Hollywood remake treatment (ugh) is none other than the mermaid tale “Splash.” 

According to Deadline, Disney is set to produce a reimagining of the 1984 flick, which starred Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. Ron Howard, who directed the original, is also tied to the movie, along with Brian Grazer and Free Association’s Reid Carolin and Peter Kieran. 

The new film won’t just be a straight remake, though. Instead, the flick will flip the gender roles ― Channing Tatum is set to appear in the part originally played by Hannah while Jillian Bell will take on Hanks’ role. That means the “Magic Mike” star is about to become the merman of your dreams. Oh, and he’ll probably be shirtless for a large portion of the movie, so if you’re into that, this film is for you. 

Deadline reports that Bell was the one to pitch the idea; the actress worked with Tatum in “22 Jump Street.” Marja-Lewis Ryan is attached to write the script. 

While we wait for the first look at Tatum in his costume, we’ll just be over here, imagining him doing this while sporting a fish tail: 



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