Chaos: An Invitation to Change

Chaos: An Invitation to Change
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There’s a new conversation taking place and it’s all about chaos and order. And, as with any inspirational conversation, it’s evoked a lot of questions. What if chaos and order are not what we think they are? What if we’ve had it backwards? What if order is not the good and right thing we’ve decided it is? And what if chaos is not the bad and wrong thing we’ve been told that it is.

Would you be willing to consider that chaos is actually an invitation to a greater possibility? Different, I know. But what if it’s true?

Most of us have had this idea that if we could remove the chaos from people’s worlds, things would be better. If we could somehow take away the chaos and instill some order, the world would be a better place. There would be more kindness, more possibilities, more including and less judging. We have believed that chaos was the problem and so we’ve tried to get rid of it. We’ve tried to order every part of our lives and of our world and of everybody that we’re connected to in an attempt to make things better. The only problem is, it’s never really worked.

What if it’s never worked because order is not what’s required to create change on the planet? What if chaos is what’s required?

Order is actually judgment, it’s limitation, it’s every point of view that we have, it’s everything that we’ve decided about how something is SUPPOSED to happen, HAS to happen, MUST happen… Where’s the choice in that? Where’s the freedom in that? Where’s the possibility in that? Oh yeah, there is none.

Take a look around. Everything that’s not working is based on order. Order says, “This is how we do it. This is how we’ve always done it. This is how we will always do it.” Order says, “If you wish to succeed, if you wish to fit in, you must do A. and then B. and then C.” And, “If you wish to have safety and security, you must not upset the status quo. You must follow specific instructions, stay within the box and color in the lines.” Does that make anyone besides me want to scream?!

Because order has been impelled on us and because we don’t wish to be too different, many of us have tried everything we know to function within the order of our culture, of our society, of our world. The thing is, a lot of us naturally function from chaos, which has not been seen as valuable. So, often times, we decide that there must be something wrong with us and we do our best to fit in.

What if you’re not wrong? What if there’s more that’s right about you than is wrong about you? What have you always known that you’ve given up because no one else had the same point of view? And, what if there is a value to chaos that until now has not been recognized?

Let’s look at chaos. Chaos is the greatest possibility that’s every existed. Chaos is the question. Chaos asks, “What else is possible?” Order says, “This is the way we do it.” Chaos say, “Yes, but what else COULD we do? What else COULD we create? If there were no limitations, what could actually show up?”

Order says, “This is as far as we go.” Remember when everyone thought the earth was flat? That was a point of order. Chaos said, “What if it’s not flat? What if it’s round? What if there’s more? What if it goes beyond what we currently think or believe?”

Anything brilliant that’s ever been created began with chaos, began with someone asking a question, began with someone asking for more. Creation is chaos. Possibility is chaos. Joyfulness is chaos. Exuberant expression is chaos. You being you is chaos. You cannot be defined. You cannot be limited. You cannot be put in a box. You being the brightness and the brilliance and the greatness of you IS the creative possibility of chaos.

Consider the sun. The sun functions from chaos. It is its own source of energy. It never needs to eat or sleep, it never really ages (or at least it takes billions of years). What if you functioned as the sun? What if, rather than trying to maintain order, you were willing to allow chaos in your world? What if you could be non-stop energy, non-stop joyfulness? What if everything you wanted to create including the stuff about money, things with your family, waking up in the morning and not being unhappy was possible? And, what if it begins with embracing the chaos that would allow it to occur?

You are a miracle that this world has not yet seen. You are the possibility of a greater tomorrow. Would you be willing to invite the chaos that can create change? What if the earth is asking for it and what if now is the time?

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