Chaos in Iran

Chaos in Iran
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On this sixth day of the new uprising in Iran, I am sure you have watched dozens of videos of events in Iran and have some idea of the momentum of this revolutionary movement.

Following two weeks of large demonstrations in Tehran by people who had lost their savings from massive bank and credit institution fraud, they are demanding justice and shouting slogans against President Rouhani and against the Supreme Leader, chanting “Death to Khamenei!”

Iranians are uprising for democracy and human rights. Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the Iranian leadership has brutally oppressed its own people and became the world's biggest sponsor of terrorism worldwide. The regime also consistently threatens to "wipe Israel and the United States off the map."

The Iranian regime is desperate. Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGS) have killed at least 22 people, including a 13-year-old and an 11-year-old. Many more were brutally injured and 450 people arrested, which has been reported by the IRGC.

The internet and social media are still cut off and the Iranian people are rising up against an oppressive terrorist supporting regime. They are calling for an end to the dictatorship, chanting "Death to Hezbollah." The Iranian people are fed up with the corruption and human rights violations. The fearlessness, courage and leading role of women in Iran has been exceptional.

The Iranian people want democracy and freedom. An Iranian young lady removed her mandatory hijab publicly in protest of the Islamic regime and waved it.

Protesters are chanting against the Iranian terror funding regime: “No Gaza, No Lebanon, our lives are devoted to Iran” and call for end to the rule of Ayatollah Khamenei, chanted “death to Khamenei” “we made a revolution-what a mistake we made” “Iranians will die but they will not tolerate humiliation” “Reza Shah, May your spirit be happy” “Pahlavi-Pahlavi” a call for the return of the Pahlavi kingdom, “A country without a king, has no accounting or planning” call for the return of the Monarchy chanted in several cities including holly city of Mashhad, and Iranian Islamic regime are doomed to collapse soon”.

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