Character Actors You Probably Recognize Want To See An 'Every Man' In A Blockbuster

Like Chris Pratt, these character actors just want to be taken for who and what they are.

And, failing that, they'd really appreciate it if you'd stop referring to them as "that guy from that thing." Particularly if you follow it up with, "Not that thing, the other thing, not him, the other... yeah."

In their heart of hearts, they're not just best friends, co-workers, henchmen. These character actors are ready for the limelight, ready for big screen glory. They're ready to be "that specific guy from that specific thing."

Most of all, they want to see someone who looks a little more like them in a blockbuster. A superhero who looks a little less Hollywood, and a little more like all of us. Because regular looking people deserve to be celebrated, too.

Watch the Entertainment Weekly video above to bear witness to their call to action.



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