This Violin Cover Of 'Shake It Off' Is The Orchestral Remix We've Been Waiting For

We can't hold it in much longer. We have very passionate feelings about string duo Chargaux, aka Charly and Margaux, who scramble and stitch music, art and fashion together into blissed-out multi-sensory experiences.

Charly plays the violin, Margaux the viola, and together the two have been blowing the art and fashion worlds' collective minds with their unexpected covers and inspired outfit choices. Today the ladies of Chargaux take on Taylor Swift's infectious hit "Shake It Off" and spoiler: it's the best.

"I think it's very common when you have a creative mind to have various outlets for it," Margaux told The Huffington Post. "Even the way that we dress adds to the visual portion, using our bodies as canvases and having it all connect." You'll certainly feel the magic in the video above.

To feed your growing Chargaux obsession, check out our earlier interview with them here.



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