Chargers Announcer Hank Bauer Tells Anti-Semitic Joke On Air

Chargers Announcer Tells Offensive Jewish Joke On Air

San Diego Chargers announcer Hank Bauer referenced an old anti-Semitic joke on air Sunday during the Chargers-49ers game on 105.3 KIOZ, Deadspin first reported.

Yep, he went there.

It happened in the waning seconds of the 49ers' 21-7 preseason victory. Play-by-play colleague Josh Lewin said that if he were a paying fan, he wouldn't have left the game early because of the high cost of ticket licensing at the 49ers' new stadium.

"But then again, you know how copper wire was invented," Bauer laughed, then continued after a beat: "Somebody dropped a penny between Josh and his family member."

"Okay, alright," Lewin said, moving the conversation back to the game before Bauer interjected: "I say that respectfully and endearingly, my partner."

"Love you too, buddy," Lewin responded.

According to the radio station's bio, "Bauer has been a part of the Chargers’ family for over 400 games as a player, coach and broadcaster."

Bauer was suspended for one game-- the Chargers' final preseason contest on Thursday -- and he issued the following apology on Twitter.

Listen to the awkward sequence above.

h/t Deadspin

This story was updated to include Bauer's apology and punishment.

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