Charity Bar In Houston Will Give All Earnings To Nonprofits

Philanthropy is taking the Houston social scene by storm.

The Organized Kollaborative on Restaurant Affairs (OKRA) -- comprised of famous Houston restaurateurs -- announced its intention to open a charitable bar in downtown Houston, Texas, explains the Houston Business Journal.

The presently unnamed bar will donate 100 percent of its proceeds to a different local cause each month, handpicked by the patrons themselves.

"I'm really excited for the opportunity to just give back to the city and say thank you to all the people who have supported us at our businesses and support the businesses in our organization," OKRA co-founder, Bobby Heugel, told KUHF.

For each drink purchased, patrons will have the opportunity to vote for one of four organizations that they see fit to receive the month's proceeds.

The pool of eligible charities will change each month in order to ensure that the money reaches a diversity of local charities.

Heugel expresses his hope that the project will change how other establishments interact with their community.

"I think that [the bar] could signify maybe just a small change in how people think about restaurants and bars and the role that they play in their lives."

The bar will occupy the home of the former Red Cat Jazz Cafe, and is set to open in around four months time.