Charity Trends: Top Places And Reasons We Give (INFOGRAPHIC)

INFOGRAPHIC: Top Places And Reasons We Give

Your Cause, a site that provides individuals, nonprofits and corporations with online giving tools, rounded up all the most pertinent information on charitable giving, wrapped it up and gave it to you as a belated holiday gift.

Check out synopses on top studies regarding where and why we give back, or peruse the at-a-glance infographic below.

Top 5 Places People Donate
When it comes to the largest donations, Forbes found that United Way is the largest U.S. charity in terms of donations. The rankings were based on the amount of private donations, with United Way earning $3.9 billion.

Top 5 Reasons People Give
Blackbaud discovered most people take action because of a connection to a cause. The nonprofit fundraising software company pointed out that knowing this, organizations should coach donors to share their story with others.

Top 5 Categories in which people volunteer
Volunteering in America, a research site on civic engagement and volunteering, ranked the most common categories in which people volunteer. Topping the list was religious organizations, ranging from churches to the Salvation Army. Civic organizations such as housing and legal service organizations came in at No. 5.

Top 5 Issues Individuals Want Companies To Address
The Cone/Echo Global CR Opportunity Study found that the top concern individuals want companies to address is economic development. The communications firms found that 94 percent of consumers say they will reward businesses that work to create social change.

Top 5 Ways Donors Give
Convio's "Next Generation of American Donors" study looked at generational giving and found that donating items is the most common way to give. The nonprofit fundraising software company found that the top method is making a donation while checkout out at a retail or grocery store. Giving at a fundraising event came in at No. 5.

See infographic below from Your Cause:

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