Charlene Idelle Hunziker Allegedly Tells Cops They Don't Need To Arrest Her 'Because She's A Republican'

Woman Says She Shouldn't Be Arrested Since 'She's A Republican': Cops

This woman's political affiliation couldn't keep her out of the slammer.

Charlene Idelle Hunziker, 47, is accused of making a huge scene at a P.F. Chang’s in West Des Moines, Iowa on Friday night, according to West Des Moines Patch.

Employees had tried to throw Hunziker out of the restaurant after she went on a political rant expounding on the virtues of Mitt Romney and the evil intentions of President Obama. The diner who called police said he feared the woman might try to hurt one of the employees.

When an officer arrived at the scene, Hunziker reportedly told the cop he didn't need to be there and he should leave, according a police report obtained by The Huffington Post. Apparently to justify her claim, Hunziker reportedly screamed that "she was a Republican."

A witness told police Hunziker had been screaming at customers about how "Obama had ruined this country and Muslims were causing America all these problems.”

When asked if she would consent to a breathalyzer test, the officer who filed the report said Hunziker "began to yell at me about Governor Romney and her rights."

The report also said Hunziker justified her behavior by explaining that "she was doing this because she was a good mother.”

Hunziker was charged with public intoxication.

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