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Charles and Ray Eames Powers of Ten (VIDEO)

I was first introduced to "Powers of Ten" three years as a student at the University of Iowa. Naively expecting a lecture about chairs, I was surprised Demetrios Eames instead focused on his grandparents', renowned designers Charles and Ray Eames, other projects, including this film. Created in 1968, Powers of Ten is a documentary short and was re-released this year (on the aesthete-friendly date of 10/10/10). Focused on matters of scale, the film begins in Chicago at a lakeside picnic and soon shows its (minuscule) relation to the universe.

Orders of magnitude. Logarithmic scale. These may be phrases we've happily left in high school, but this film adaption of Kees Boeke's 1957 book "Cosmic View" should intrigue both your mathematics and design sensibilities.