Charles Barkley Calls His Producer A "Pussy" On Air (VIDEO)

Basketball legend Charles Barkley clearly doesn't have as much control over his mouth as he did the ball on the court. During the after show of Game Six of the Magic/Cavaliers playoff series, he dropped two bad words on the air, albeit one worse than the other.

First, Barkley called his fellow panelist Kenny Smith "numb nuts" when Smith interrupts him. This offense is greatly overshadowed minutes later when another panelist Ernie Johnson is thanking their producer and praising him as "the absolute best in the business" when Barkley pretends to cough and says loudly "pussy."

Barkley's mates seem a bit stunned before Reggie Miller astonishingly exclaims, "What... What are you do... What is wrong with you!?"

Watch the clip below. (Bonus points to anyone in the comments who can figure out what Barkley is wearing on his head)