Charles Barkley Wants Someone To 'Beat The Hell Out Of' Westboro Church

"They act like they're religious but they're really awful people."

The Westboro Baptist Church is up to its usual bigoted shenanigans and Charles Barkley is having absolutely none of it.

The wildly homophobic group, infamous for protesting queer and queer-friendly media figures, as well as the funerals of American soldiers, recently announced plans to demonstrate at the NCAA "March Madness" tournament because Seton Hall player Derrick Gordon is gay.

After hearing about Westboro's plans, Barkley told TMZ, "I really hate them son of a bitches... They act like they're religious but they're really awful people. [If we get lucky], maybe somebody will beat the hell out of them."

Westboro, never ones to miss out on an opportunity to lash out, responded to Barkley's comments on Twitter, claiming he "hates God": 

The basketball legend, a longtime and vocal supporter of the queer community, also took a moment to offer Gordon some sage advice: "Ignore [Westboro]. There's always going to be haters. I wish him nothing but the best."

Amen, Charles. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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